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Do You Need An Annual Service Contract For Your Garage Door?

service contract with toolsWhen purchasing a garage door, getting an annual service contract may be the last thing on your mind Garage doors may appear to be strong, but like any part of your home, it is subject to wear and tear. After years of use and exposure to elements, the once-flawless garage door will start malfunctioning, especially if you don’t maintain it. This is where professional garage door maintenance companies will come in.

It is always better to spend on maintenance costs to prevent costly repairs later on. Here are the other reasons why an annual service contract for your garage door is worth it:

Save money from constantly buying new doors

Paying a repair company for annual or monthly garage door maintenance may add some amount into your expenses but, it’s not as huge an amount as you would spend if you buy a new one.  Even if you opt to just repair a dying garage door, it will still cost more because of possible parts replacement and labor. Maintenance is different from repair. Repair is what you do when something is broken; maintenance on the other hand, keeps things from becoming broken.  Maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

Safety of your family

Aside from saving loads of cash, monthly and annual maintenance of garage doors also do another type of saving—saving your family from danger brought by malfunctioning garage doors, especially children.  Malfunctioning garage doors are a threat to the safety of your children. For example, the garage may close suddenly while they are directly beneath or they may get hit by a torsion spring that has snapped. Making sure that there are no defective parts in your garage door will make your whole family safe.

Safety of your properties

The garage is not only the place where you store you cars, it is also a place where you put many of your power tools and other expensive products.  Who stands guard to keep your things safe inside the garage? The garage door protects the home from intruders.  If garage doors aren’t maintained well, it may become easy for burglars to break into your home.  Surely, the amount you spend on maintenance is chicken feed compared to the value of the items inside the garage.

Why not do it yourself?

You can inspect your garage door every day, but when it comes to removing parts of the garage door mechanism and tinkering with the garage door, leave it to the pros. Garage doors have high tension parts that coud snap and injure you.  If you suspect there is something wrong with your garage door, the most effective thing you can do is call a garage door repair company for proper evaluation and solution.

So, do you need an annual or monthly maintenance for your garage door? Yes, because it is better to be safe than sorry. It’s also cost-efficient. Garage doors are always used and they are easy targets to the ravages of time. Through regular maintenance, you can save your money and keep your family and properties safe.

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Glass Garage Doors for the Modern Home

Access to a garageGarage doors have a very industrial and conventional reputation as part of a home. These simply house the family car or keep the family stuff safe and away from the elements. Garage doors protect your valuables and your home from intruders. However, a certain type of garage door is making ground in turning the opinion when it comes to what these garage doors can and should do for a home.

Cue in the rise of the popularity of the glass garage doors. From something that is purchased on a need basis, glass garage doors elevate it to a design element that most modern homes welcome with open arms. They are tempered glass that is durable as it is supported by thick aluminum on the sides.

What are the benefits of glass garage doors for your home? Read on.

It’s beautiful from the outside and gives a preview of the beauty inside. 

Today, garage areas have moved beyond the car and the boxes of stocks. Contemporary home design has made garages into living spaces, which can also cover the home’s expansive kitchen and living room. Glass doors provide a seamless look from the kitchen or living room as it opens up unto the patio or garden, versus the usual main road. Instead of a wall with a door, glass garage doors are a beautiful way to showcase a beautiful kitchen from the outside and are a great way to provide a view of the outside without the need to open it especially in cases of winter or rain from the inside.

It is perfect for smaller homes and designs with an open lay-out. 

Like mirrors, glass garage doors lend a bigger and more spacious feel to homes with a much more limited space. As everything is see through, it does not cut the view, but rather adds more dimension and depth to any design compared to let’s say, walls or dividers.

Speaking of dividers, glass garage doors are not just for outside use, but are also applicable to the interiors as a form of separating living spaces in open lay-outs and bungalows. It is not just conducive to a design-driven house, it is also not as expensive to execute.

It keeps utilities down. 

Compared to full aluminum garage doors, glass garage doors let sunlight in depending on the thickness and kind of glass. This helps in lessening the need for expensive heating and is better at keeping the warmth in during winter.

It is highly customizable. 

Usually, garage doors come in made and ready for installation. What makes glass garage doors such a hit with interior designers and homeowners is that they are a joy to customize to fit the needs of the owner and the house’s design.

Different glass finishes from opaque to fully transparent add flair to a home. When it comes to the frames, those can be painted and adjusted endlessly, providing thousands of options to any homeowner.

When choosing a garage door for your home, remember that you also need to consider other factors on top of design. You also need to take into consideration your budget, how much time and money you are willing to spend on maintenance, the climate in your area, and the durability of your door. If you are unsure about these things, it is always best to consult a garage door professional who can help you make the perfect choice.

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How To Make Sure Your Garage Is Ready For Winter

iStock_000004920391_SmallWinter will always come and it would be too great a stress to take care of winter proofing your garage when the icy cold season is already knocking on your door. Any boy scout will tell you it’s better safe than sorry. Planning now how to protect your garage from the unforgiving cold will save you much apprehension later. Also, doing this winter proofing early could save you money because prices for the items needed for winter proofing may go lower as spring season begins.

Fix or replace weather stripping

If you want to be able to protect your garage doors from drafts and be able to work in the garage during winter, you have to make sure that the weather-stripping is in good condition.  Weather stripping is what seals the garage door and the garage door opening and preventing air from the outside to enter your garage. Over time, the weather stripping will crack and brittle, letting cold draft that will make the interior of the garage cold.  Have a garage door technician check the weather stripping for you.

Make sure the garage door closes firmly

Sometimes, we may not notice those little problems until they are already causing us inconvenience. Such is often the case with garage doors that don’t close tight. From spring to fall, we don’t notice this problem, but during winter when draft already enters the garage, we scramble to find the problem. It takes only a couple of minutes to check if the garage door closes tight shut. At night, you can have someone shine a flashlight outside the garage while you look inside the garage. If much of the light passes through, you have a problem and should call a garage repair company right away.

Install a unit heater in your garage

A unit heater inside the garage will make the place comfortable but that’s not all it does. It also helps keep the mechanisms on your garage door safe from the ravages of cold weather, which could have a bad effect on them.  Remember that all the things that make your garage door work are located inside, so having a unit heater is a must if you want your garage door to survive the winter.

General maintenance if necessary

If your garage door has been giving you  problems throughout the rest of the year, you should have a general maintenance done on it before winter comes.  Little problems have a way of becoming big inconveniences during the unforgiving winter cold. A little gap on the weather stripping could mean your garage door will be like a refrigerator instead of a comfortable work area. Problems on the  mechanisms could get worse because of the freezing temperature, too. So make sure to have your garage door checked early.

The best way to make sure that your garage is protected from cold drafts is through proper maintenance. You can always count on garage door companies to help you out and give you advice on how to winter-proof your garage door.

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Building the Best Garage Door for Modern Homes

White contemporary house exteriorMore homes today are going the modern way in terms of design due to advances in architecture, engineering, and technology. Dubbed as Smart Homes by TIME Magazine, they are not necessarily cheaper to build but are more cost efficient to maintain due to the science that goes behind them. Their materials are literally built to last and every aspect was thought through from solar panels to zero waste management. Still, they are made of the same parts as every other house – garage doors included.

Because of this, it is important to take note of the best practices when it comes to choosing, finding, and even building the right garage door for these homes that are built with the future in mind.

1.       Get a contractor that knows exactly what you need more than want.

When it comes to modern homes, it’s not just about what one wants. Technological planning goes into it and you need to sync devices to make this happen. It is therefore important to have a contractor that have not just built garage doors before, but also understands the concept of a modern home. Safety is paramount and it is important to find someone who can look at your lifestyle and that of your family’s. Chances are, there will no longer be a need for manual garage doors as all will be via Bluetooth or infrared connections between your car or mobile phones.

Wrong syncing can mean life or death, this is why your contractor must be updated with the latest technologies when it comes to garage doors for the modern home. They can also advise on what is needed in terms of keeping the garage door from jamming and keeping its quality.

2.       Fit to measure

Next, fit the garage door properly. Measure everything and take note of the number of cars and storage one needs. Modern homes do not have too many blind spots as it takes on a more open layout to ensure flow and electrical efficiency throughout the house, so storage can be tricky.

The last thing you want is to have garage door that cannot accommodate your needs.

3.       Take note of the house’s design

All garage doors are great in itself, but if it does not fit the whole design sensibility of the house, then it becomes a complete eyesore from the outside.

Modern homes are more inclined to take advantage of industrial designs and employ elements such as steel, brass, glass, and cement finishes due to the presence of solar panels on roofs, for example. Because of this, bulky garage doors or garage doors with carvings may not work as well as those with grey finishes. However, it is also an opportunity to be creative. Because of such a stark over all look, garage doors can serve as the accent piece from outside. It can be painted with punchy colors such as red or orange for a pop of color instead of the usual black or for the more adventurous, a whimsical graffiti design.

Gone are the days of boring garage door designs and modern homes providethe perfect palette for such endeavor.

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Four Reasons You Should Invest in a New Garage Door

garage doorYou might be in love with the old garage door that has been guarding your car for years, but sometimes you have to let go and let it retire.  Getting a new garage door to replace the old one is not vanity, sometimes it is a necessity. Do you need a new garage door? The following are some of the most common reasons many homeowners decide to replace their old garage door.

Personal and family safety

Garage doors, no matter how well they are made,are still subject to gradual deterioration due to usage and exposure to elements. Once they reach that point when they no longer work well, they may pose a threat to the safety of your family.  Imagine if your child is playing near you while you are working inside the garage and the door closes down on her. That would cause an injury.  While regular maintenance from a garage door company can extend the life span of your garage door, there will really come a time when you will need more than just maintenance work. You might be advised to get a new door.Newer garage door models also come with more powerful safety features to keep you and your family safe from injury.

Saving on maintenance cost

It is an undeniable fact that newer garage doors need less maintenance than the old ones. The older the garage door becomes, the more it needs repeated maintenance and that will have a big impact on the family’s budget. You may have to spend a good amount of money for a new door once, but that will cost less compared to the amount you will be spending for frequent repair work.

Cooling and Heating Costs

As garage doors get older, their insulation capability will also slowly deteriorate and the energy cost that will be used to keep it on the right thermostatic condition will eat a lot from your budget. Getting a new garage door with good insulation will save you a lot of money as well as protect the contents of the garage safe from deterioration caused by bad insulation, not to mention the relief you feel for not worrying about your garage contents during winter.

Home Value

If you ever plan to sell your home in the future, the garage door will be a big factor in the value your home. Garage doors are an integral part of the house and a run-down garage door will have a negative impact on the buyer’s impression. Having a good-looking garage on the other hand does the opposite—it helps increase the value of the home and makes it easier to sell it at a good price.

Investing on a new garage door can be one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Garage doors will not only improve the look, the safety and the value of your home, it can also significantly improve your finances.

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Ways to Give Your Garage Door a Unique Look

dog_garageIn this era of customization, people want their things to look different from the rest. Take for instance the gadgets these days.  Consumers always find ways to change the look of their phones by using mobile phone accessories. Even chargers can’t escape being dressed up by their owners.  The reason people customize their stuff is because they seek individuality. They don’t want their things to look generic.

If phones can be customized, why not customize your garage doors?  The garage door is one of the most visible parts of your house from the outside.  If you want your home to look unique, you can consider giving your garage door a makeover! Here are some tips to help you out.

The right color is the first step

A good color combination can bring out the best look of your home and a bad one can ruin the design of the entire house.  Oftentimes, people buy garage doors without thinking about how its color will affect the look of their house.  Only after they see it from afar will they realize that the color of their garage door makes their home look unappealing. If this happens to you, don’t lose hope. All you have to do is paint your garage door with a new color.

Amazing designs is the second step

Many modern homes have a three-car garage style. It’s wide and it really affects how the façade of your home looks. Most garage doors are one-color and plain and at a distance it will look like a warehouse or a barn.  Now, you wouldn’t want people to think you live in a warehouse or a barn, do you?  Luckily, there is an inexpensive way to make the plain-looking garage door better—by painting it with different designs. This will give your door some texture and depth.   You can for example design it so it will look like a castle door, or maybe you would want it to look like a row of French doors. Alternatively, you can also paint simple geometric shapes on it just to break the monotonous look. The possibilities are endless.  Of course, you need to hire a good artist to paint the designs on your garage door, but it’s worth it in the end.

Door replacement

If you have enough cash and you’ve had enough of the mundane and boring, generic garage door look, you can contact a garage door company and ask them if they have designer doors. These may cost some money, but it’s not a lost investment because a designer garage door will increase the value of your home instantly.  Not only that, it will also give you that sense of accomplishment and joy when you get home and see your exquisite garage door open up.

Giving your garage door a makeover is not vanity. In fact, it is useful and advantageous in many ways. First, it boosts your pride seeing that your garage door has a design that’s unlike everyone else’s. Second, it increases the value of your home and its curve appeal.  Finally, it will make people appreciate the look of your home.


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Tips for Choosing Your Garage Door

slide6When you’re building a new house, some of the things that you need to think about is your garage door. You will be presented with a lot of options. Some garage doors are heavy while others are light. Some are made of aluminum, while others are made of wood, metal or fiberglass.  If that’s not enough, they also come in myriads of colors and designs.  The truth is, choosing a garage door involves a lot of decision-making and of course, some stress.  This article aims to help you decide which garage door is right for your home.

Make sure to measure the garage opening size

Before buying a garage door, it is important to measure accurately the size of the garage opening. If the measurement is off for even just a few centimeters, you will not be able to install your new garage door.  Those who are not confident about their skills in measuring should contact the garage door company and let them take the measurement.

Think about your driveway

Some garage doors are not meant for homes with short driveways. Like for example, the type of garage door that swings out and up to open is not practical if the driveway does not have space enough for it.  For homes with short driveways, the best type of garage could be the roller type or the sectional type.

Get the color that matches your house

Garage doors are probably the biggest implement on the house and they’re highly visible to everyone.  Because of this, a person’s choice of garage door could make or break his home’s curb value.  While it’s true that garage doors are useful whether they look nice or not, it wouldn’t hurt if you choose one that will complement the total look of your home and get the appreciation of people who pass by.  Colors and the material of your garage door make all the difference in this aspect because they’re what most people will see outside your home.

Garage door materials

This article would not be complete without talking about garage door materials. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Wood is probably the most aesthetic of all garage door materials. It can be carved with elaborate designs or you can keep it plain.  Unfortunately, wooden garage doors are also very heavy.
  • Aluminum is the most common garage door material. It is very light and not easy to break, but it is prone to dents.
  • Steel is the strongest material for garage doors.It also looks nice and elegant, but it’s extremely heavy. Steel garage doors are good for automation.
  • Fiberglass is durable and light and can be painted different colors, but most of the time they are expensive.

Garage doors are not cheap and people have to think hard before buying one. However, despite its price, the undeniable fact is that people need them.  Garage doors are important for families who own cars because the car itself is another big investment that needs protection.   People who are in the market for garage doors should choose wisely.

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How to Know When to Replace Your Garage Door

Old Way or New WayA garage door is probably the most expensive item that can be found outside a person’s home, next to its intricate garden or swimming pool. Your garage door may look nondescript and forgettable, but it serves an important purpose of protecting your belongings such as cars, stocks, and other valuable items.

Although it is advisable for homeowners to care for their garage doors for as long as they can, a smart one knows when a garage door’s time is really up. Here are the signs that tell homeowners that it’s time to replace their garage door:

1.       Rust
There is no need to rush at the first little sign of rust, but when cycles between paint jobs are getting shorter and the brush strokes are getting longer, it is a sure sign of greater damage. Instead of wasting money on paint, it is better to go for a contractor to ring up a new cost estimate for a brand new garage door.

2.       Water damage
When water repetitively seeps in, it may be hard to salvage a wooden garage door. This type of damage is also one that sustains itself with a plethora of problems such as pests. Also, the water may affect the steel support that holds the door together, leading to more problems. A constantly moldy garage door means you may need to replace your garage door with a material that is resistant to moisture.

3.       Deep curves and bents
When your car hits the garage door, you may be left with a deep bent that is beyond repair. If this happens,it may be a wise decision to replace your garage door as these bents deteriorate over time. Also, the damage caused by the crash may actually be irreparable or too costly to repair.

4.       Wide gaps and spaces on the side
With years of continuous use, garage doors can become looser and soon, the gaps can be seen by the naked eye. For safety reasons, it is smarter to change garage doors altogether than have a security breach waiting to happen. Once big gaps are obvious, burglary and trespassing can be as easy as opening a can of meat—all it takes is a pair of wrench and a little effort.

Gaps also make the indoors prone to the ravages of the elements such as little wild animals (i.e. rats) and extreme cold or heat. This problem can also wreak havoc on one’s electricity bill, which is not worth the trouble versus simply replacing the garage door.

5.       Increasing bills for parts and repairs
Purchasing parts and doing minor repair from time to time does not seem to hurt, but calculating these in the long run really adds up. If the total cost of constant repair work is greater than an actual garage door, it would be more sensible to buy a new one.

When it comes to malfunctioning garage doors, repair may not always be the best solution. Consult your trusted garage door technician to determine if it will be better for you to get a replacement.

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3 Ways to Make the Garage Door Safer for the Family

iStock_000043296394_SmallOne of the greatest fears of parents is their kids getting involved in accidents. However, accidents could happen even within the premises of the home and adults are not exempted from these. As innocuous as it may seem, your garage is an accident-prone area.   Most people keep power tools and other heavy stuff in shelves of the garage and they could fall on a family member. The garage door could also be a cause of accidents if they are defective or if the owner is careless especially when it comes to repairing and maintaining your garage doors. However, there are several ways to keep the family safe from garage door mishaps.

Regular maintenance and repair

People can’t live without garage and garage doors. They keep the car safe from vandals and car thieves. However, after using it many times, some parts may malfunction and they become unpredictable and therefore dangerous.  For example, the heavy door might suddenly close on the user while he is trying to enter his garage door and cause injuries. If children play near an open garage door, they could be in danger, too. Calling for a garage door company for repair and maintenance once a year should help keep the family safe from garage door-related accidents.

Install an IP cam in front of the garage door

An IP cam is a type of security camera that can send the pictures and video it captures through the internet. This is very useful for those parents who leave their kids at home when they work.  They can check if the child strays into the garage door area and plays with the garage door remote control. They can then call neighbors or friends to ensure that their child is taken away from the garage area. In fact, modern phones can be used as IP cams with the right software programs.

Keep the remote way up

Children love to play. Everything they can get their hands on could be a toy for them including garage door remotes. That is why it is very important for parents to keep the remote beyond the reach of children or better yet bring it with them when they leave the house.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors help keep people safe when accidentally closing the garage door and there is a child under it. The sensor will detect if there is a child or a person under the door and it will send the command to the door to go back up. Some technologies use infrared beams. When the infrared beams are cut off because a person passes under the garage door, the door will not close down.

Everyone is afraid to hear the news that a family member was involved in an accident.  Parents can do a lot to make their home, particularly their garage doors safer by following the tips provided above.  There are many other ways  to  keep family members safe from garage door accidents but these are some of the most effective and low cost ones.  Of course, proper maintenance tops the list.

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Elements that Play a Part in Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Fees

Yellow hardhat and leather glovesMaintaining and repairing one’s garage door is an important aspect in keeping a healthy home. First, a garage door that works properly keeps important items safe and secure such as the family vehicle, pets, and other important belongings. Second, and far from most homeowner’s knowledge, it also keeps electricity bills at bay as it prevents the cool air from air conditioning units from escaping during the summer. It also helps retain the heat during winter. Third, it makes for a more polished and beautiful house from the outside. What’s a great garden if the garage door is in utter chaos?

When it comes to garage door repair and maintenance, it would be helpful to know the factors affecting the cost of this service so you can set a budget for it. Here’s a list to provide ideas to do just that:

  1. What is it made of?

A wooden garage door’s maintenance and repair are different from those made of steel  or metal. Wooden ones need an additional coat that prevents water damage as well as control for pests that target wood. On the other hand, metal ones need to be properly lubricated in the hinges and should be painted regularly to avoid rusts.

The smart thing to do is to adjust accordingly as to where one lives. Does it rain more? Does it snow half the year? These answers should dictate the decision of the homeowner in the long run.

In general, wooden garage doors may be more beautiful but are harder to maintain versus their steel counterparts.

2. How often is it maintained?

Maintenance should be scheduled accordingly with a professional. However, if a homeowner waits until something is wrong, costs can start to skyrocket. It is much harder to reverse or repair damages when it comes to garage doors due to its many complicated parts.

Worse, some may need total replacement due to years of neglect. That is why it is important to schedule a regular maintenance visit from professionals. A great strategy to make this more workable is by scheduling it together with other maintenance works such as pest control and cable check-ups. Another way to do so is to schedule at least a month before another season begins as garage doors expands or contracts depending on the season and how hot or cold it is.

3. Who maintains it?

Professionals may be more expensive but their expertise can save several precious dollars in the long run instead of going for amateurs or people who just have a working knowledge of garage door repair and maintenance.

These professionals don’t just get the job done, more so, they provide important advice that can help homeowners do some reparative work on their own. They also can give the right items to purchase that will work well for their garage doors. Furthermore, they can go straight to the source of the problem to avoid repetitive repair work.

In the end, smarter decisions and a more preventive approach will ultimately lead homeowners to have a more cost effective and efficient way to maintaining their garage doors.

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