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5 Reasons to Choose a Sectional Garage Door

bigstock-Garage-Door-47918504When you’re buying a new garage door, there are a few types of doors from to choose from. If you want a garage door that opens upwards, rather than opening in or out like a stable door, you can eliminate all but three types. That leaves you with a choice between a sectional garage door, a roller door, or a single panel up-and-over. As with most things, each type has its advantages and of course, personal preference is often as good a reason as any to select one particular type of garage door.

It always helps though, to know some facts about each of your options, so here are 5 reasons you might choose to install a sectional garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors are Great for Short Driveways

Because a sectional garage door is made up of multiple hinged panels, which all run on a track, the door doesn’t pass through the aperture of the doorway. That means you can drive your car really close to the garage door without obstructing it. Even if the fender of your car is just an inch away, you can still open the door to your garage. So if you need to get your car up close and personal to your garage, just to clear the sidewalk, a sectional door is ideal.

Lots of Drive-in Clearance with a Sectional Garage Door

The method by which a sectional garage door is installed takes up very little space at either side of the door aperture. That makes this type of garage door advantageous if you need to maximize clearance for the width of your vehicle. If you are challenged with a combination of wide automobile, narrow garage, a sectional door will save you a precious centimeter of clearance. It may not sound like much, but your door mirrors will appreciate it.

Sectional Garage Doors are Secure

The mechanism and structure of a sectional door makes it extremely strong and secure. The multiple rollers on running in tracks at each side of the door resist any lateral movement. This kind of garage door is not going to be easy for anyone trying to force it open.

Squares or Rectangles not Required

If you’ve got a fancy shaped doorway to your garage, a sectional door is going to be your best choice. The design of these doors is such that the shape of the aperture is not very important.

Sectional Garage Doors are Beautiful

Since most garages are at the front of a property, they attract attention. A nice new sectional door on your garage is going to attract positive attention. The fact is – sectional doors look good. They come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes to improve the curb appeal of your home.

A new garage door is an investment, protecting your home and vehicle from intruders. Once you’ve installed it, you should be in no doubt that, you’ve made the right choice. Space saving and secure, attractive and unobtrusive, sectional garage doors are popular for at least five good reasons.


5 Crucial Things That You Should Know When Shopping For Garage Door Springs

garageGarage door springs are some of the door’s components that need to be kept in good working order since they determine how smoothly a door closes and opens. More importantly, they need to be inspected frequently because the breakage of a garage door can cause the door to come crashing down. This is not only expensive because it can cause irreparable damage to the door necessitating that a new one is installed but can also cause injury to a person if he or she is standing under the door. If you find that your garage door springs have broken or are weak and need replacing, there are five things that you must know when you get to the home depot store.

The Number of Springs

When shopping for garage door springs, you should know how many springs you will need to buy. The number of springs on a door is largely determined by the type of garage door and manufacturer. While it is not common for all springs on a garage door to break on one occasion, it is recommended that you replace springs in pairs. What this means is that if the spring on one side breaks, the best way to keep that garage door working well by being properly balanced is to replace the broken spring and its identical spring on the other side of the door. This allows for the forces to be distributed equally which prolongs the life of the springs.

The Garage Door Height

The door height determines the size of spring that a door uses. If you have an 8 foot door, you should specifically buy springs for an 8 foot door. Using a spring for a 7 foot door on an 8 foot door will cause the springs to stretch more than they are supposed to. This increases the risk for breakage of the springs.

Spring Length

The length of a garage door spring determines how long it can stretch. The size that is quoted on the spring is its size when compressed. Picking out the right spring size can be quite confusing since it is possible to have several spring sizes for a specific garage door. If you find yourself in a situation like this, just keep in mind that the larger springs are for the taller doors.

Garage Door Weight

The weight of the garage door also affects the choice of springs. A heavy door will need springs that are closely wound since it will stretch them more than a lighter door. The weight of the door depends on the material with which the door has been made.

The Spring Ends

Many people don’t realize that garage door springs are color coded. The color coding is used to determine the stretch and tension associated with the spring. To determine what color code to buy, look at your old springs.

With these five pointers, you should be able to you pick the fitting springs for your garage door with ease.

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5 Important Things to Have Ready before Installing a New Garage Door

bigstock-Carpenter-Drilling-Hole-47760583There comes a time when the garage door is too old and no amount of repair, regardless how good your repair technicians are, can salvage it. When it gets there, the only option you have available is getting a new garage door. Another instance that may result in the installation of a new garage door is when you decide to remodel the house and opt to find a garage door that fits your new style. Whatever the reason, there are a few important things that you should have ready before installing a new garage door.

A Helping Hand

Assuming that you will be doing the installation by yourself, you will need a helping hand. Garage doors typically weigh anywhere from 100 to 500 pounds. As a result, lifting the door up into position will require quite some effort. The best helping hand is an adult relative or close friend. This is because garage door installations are physical affairs where injury can happen unexpectedly. The last thing you want is someone suing you over an injury sustained at your garage door’s installation.

All Parts for the New Door

Check to ensure that you have all the parts of the new door before taking down the old one. Go through the garage door installation guide that comes with a new door and tick every single part before you start removing the old door. You don’t want to take down the old door only to realize that you don’t have everything necessary to put up a new one. Unless you are thorough about verifying that all pieces to the new door are there, your garage might remain opened and exposed as you wait to get the forgotten piece.

Tools to Help with the Installation

There are two categories of tools that you will need to successfully install a garage door; the professional tools and light additional materials. For the professional tools, you will need a hammer, screw driver, clamp, level, tape measure, pliers, drill, step ladder, hack saw, T-square, tools for working the springs, saw horses, wood saw and a socket wrench kit. For the additional materials you will require oil, rope, a wood block and nails among others.

Enough Overhead Space

The overhead space where the new door will rest when it is opened needs to be sufficient. This is especially important if you are changing from a sliding garage door to an overhead rolling door. The garage door manufacturer will tell you how much space you need overhead.

Safety Equipment

The last thing on our check list for a successful garage door installation is safety gear. We recommend that you have a first aid kit within reach to help take care of the minor injuries that might occur. You will also need to have other safety equipment like gloves and construction helmets to protect your head.

If all this is too much work for you, the best thing to do is call a garage installation company and they will take care of everything.

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Important Personal and Professional Qualities of a Good Garage Door Technician

Garage door installation in Granite Bay CA 95746

Garage door technicians, like any other professionals, tend to have different personality types and carry themselves in diverse ways. The individuality of a technician not only affects how he or she is perceived by clients but also affects how he or she relates to fellow technicians within the industry. A good garage door technician should exhibit a few key qualities as we see below.

Deep understanding

A good garage door technician should know the ins and outs of his or her business. This means that he or she should be able to answer most of-if not all-of your questions related to garage doors. If you find that a technician does not fully answer your question or shed light on your issues, it is best that you don’t engage his or her services, irrespective of his or her recommendations or apparent success as exhibited by his or her portfolio.


A good garage door technician should be well specialized. This means that if the technician is a hinges expert, he or she should have relevant experience to support the claim. The best way to ascertain the degree of specialization is by simply asking technicians specialized in other areas if they know of the technician-in-question’s experience. Typically, technicians will know their peers who have excelled in different areas.

Specialization is especially important when the technician deals with garage door locks and security systems. These particular areas not only affect the integrity of a garage door but also the security of a family and their possessions.

Good relations with suppliers and stores

When a technician has good relations with suppliers, he or she is in a position to positively influence the pricing of materials that may be required in undertaking maintenance on a garage door. While it is not strictly expected that a technician get you bargains with suppliers, it is desirable that he or she does so.

Good relations with suppliers and stores are also a pointer towards the experience of the technician. The reasoning here is that a technician buys a lot of materials because he or she has many engagements.

 Proximity to your home

We have nothing against out-of-state technicians but it is better for everyone involved that a technician is from the same area as the client. This helps in saving costs and time that would have been spent in bringing in someone from outside the state. Close proximity also ensures that subsequent repairs don’t cost too much since the technician will be able to attend to your garage door without having to travel far. This ease of access that a technician from close home allows a client can at times be the difference between getting repairs done fast and at a small price or waiting for a repair for long that the small broken parts demand bigger repairs.

We realize there are many qualities that set apart a top garage door technician from regular technicians not discussed above. However, the above points should be enough to guide you when choosing between technicians.


3 Things To Consider when Choosing a Garage Door Painter

The garage door needs to be painted once every while to maintain the aesthetic appeal and more importantly to keep the rust away. Exposed garage doors, especially those made form steel, rust at the points of exposure due to elements of the weather. Painting a garage door might look like an easy task, one that you can do by yourself on a nice sunny afternoon, but we have come to realize that unless you are a professional painter, its best you hire a firm or a professional painter to handle the painting for you. This is because professional painters know how to choose their paints, they will do the painting faster than you can and they save you the trouble of having to go buy painting gear that you might only use once every couple of years. Now, what do you look for when picking a good garage door painter?


As with anything else technical, experience is the surest indicator of the level of mastery of a painter. The painter’s experience is shown by his or her portfolio size. When you contact a painter, do not shy away from asking him or her to show you the portfolio. There should be more than a few nicely done paint jobs to convince you that he or she is the right choice.

A painter should also have painted a few garage doors that are similar to yours. This is especially important if you have a door that is not common, for example a hard wood paneled door.

How knowledgeable is the painter?

If you are going to pay someone to paint your garage door, then they should know a lot more about painting than you do. When talking to them, ask a few questions about different paints, how the painting technique fits your garage door type and other small but relevant questions to feel out how knowledgeable the painter is. Often, you don’t even have to know the answers to the questions you are asking; the trick is to find if the painter is struggling with the answers or if he or she knows her stuff.


When you invite someone into your home, you need to check to be sure that you have not let in a criminal through you gates. The garage often has a door to the rest of the hose, and you don’t want any person who cannot be trusted to be inside your garage. If you use your garage as a side office or an art studio, the stakes are higher.

If you cannot determine the trustworthiness of a painter, the best option is to hire a painting company. This is because companies often run extensive back ground checks on their employees. This saves you the trouble of having to go and check whether an individual painter has a criminal record.

Other factors that you might consider are the type of paint and cost of getting the work done.


Why You Might Consider Buying a Garage Door from Out-of-State

fiberglass garage doorFor many people the obvious place to buy a garage door is the local store. This is because it is convenient and hassle free. However, there are situations where you might have to buy a garage door from another state. Here are some of the reasons why.

Expertise in specific door types

Many garage door companies have people trained in garage door installations and maintenance in the regular types of garage doors like wood composite and steel. It makes financial sense for them since many people install steel, wood or wood composite garage doors. They don’t want to have people specifically trained to work with other garage door material because that would inflate their wage bill. Garage doors made from material like fiberglass require specific expertise. Often this type of garage door installation will be made by the company that manufactures the doors. If you need a garage door made form uncommon material like fiberglass, for example, you will be forced to get the job by an out of-state-company.

Sticking with the people you trust

When people move from a state to another, they encounter challenges in having to build new relationships with the repair people from the new state to which they have moved. Sometimes you just can’t seem to find the right company to handle your garage door maintenance in the new state. In that case, the best option is to call the company which handled your installation repair in your old place. This might sound expensive but sometimes, it actually saves you money and time.

The people who worked with you before know exactly what you need, and how you need it done. They come in, do their thing and leave. The relationship you built with your garage door repairman in the old state doesn’t have to go to waste. We stay in touch with our clients even when they change states since we can always send a repair person or recommend a good company in their state, in the event we are not able to be there.

High end custom garage door installation and maintenance

Individuals of high net worth prefer to have garage doors, like many other things they own, built to custom. Compared to regular garage doors, there are only a handful of companies that deal in custom made luxury garage doors. An individual might, for example, want to have a garage door in an unconventional size to fit his or her big garage. People of high net worth also prefer to have complex security systems embedded into their garage doors. The garage doors in their area might simply lack the know-how to build a custom door. Consequently, the person will be forced to look for an out-of-state company.

The important thing with getting a garage door installation or maintenance company is that you feel satisfied with what they have done. If that satisfaction can only be provided by an out-of-state company, go for it.

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The Pros and Cons Associated with Repairing and Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

springGarage door springs are responsible for ensuring that you door comes down and goes up in a smooth motion. They control the speed at which the door opens and closes. If they get broken, the door will close in a swift motion and that may cause injury to anybody standing nearby in addition to causing the damage to the door. It is therefore crucial that garage door spring are inspected and repaired regularly. With garage door springs repairs, as with many home appliances and devices, there are two options; DIY and calling in a career repairman. There are pros and cons associated with DIY as we see below.



When you decide to repair the springs by yourself, you save on the costs that could have been spent on paying a technical repair guy. DIY also saves time since you do not have to get an appointment; you do it at your own convenient time.

If you work in the garage door industry, it only makes sense that you do your own repairs.

Quality family time

The family is likely to bond over activities like doing small repairs around the house. This is especially the case in a family where there are teenage boys. Family therapists encourage fathers and their teenage to bond over presumably masculine activities like undertaking small repairs. Today, father and sons barely have time to get to know each other owing to the rigors of a modern lifestyle.


There are people who are uncomfortable about letting people into their private residences, unless it is of absolute necessity. There are men who have turned the garage into their man cave and are really touchy about letting people into their little dens. If you have a sentimental attachment to the garage, it is best you undertake the repairs. That way you preserve your privacy and feel good about taking proper care of it.


Shoddy repair work

Sometimes it’s best you leave professional work to the trained professionals. A badly repaired garage door spring can cause untold damage to the members of and equipment owned by a family. If you for example think about what would happen if a garage door spring broke with your child at the entrance then you understand the risk of DIY.

It might end up costing more

DIY might end up costing more than you were saving especially if you do not know where to find the right springs. Installing poor quality springs will result in frequent breakages which is not only dangerous but also expensive.

Some spring installation requires specialized equipment which you may not have to buy. The cost of acquisition is expensive than having a repairman come and do the job. Buying this equipment does not make financial sense since garage door springs do not have to be replaced frequently.

The decision on whether to call in professionals or DIY is therefore personal. There is no right or wrong choice since people’s circumstances are different.v

Child Proofing your Garage Door

garage_door_safetyChildren play with doors all day but if there is one door you want them away from, it’s the garage door. This door can cause horrific injuries or even death if it is not child proofed. Although there is no perfect method to keep things from hurting the little ones, we have compiled a few things, which when adhered to, can reduce the chances of a garage door accident involving kids.

Ensure that the reverse mechanism works properly     

The reverse mechanism is a technology that opens the door when it comes in contact with anything solid before it locks into place. The mechanism is a must-have for all garage doors according to the law. Now, if the photoelectric sensor that controls the reversing is not working, a garage door can come down on your child with tragic consequences. To avoid this, regularly check whether the door is reversing if it comes in contact with a small wood plank, for example.

Some people remember to check the reverse movement and forget to adjust the force at which the door reverses. Ideally, the slightest opposition before full closure should trigger the reverse mechanism. This way, if the door ever came in contact with a toddler, it would not press down rather it would reverse. Check to ensure that you door reverses when it encounters a relatively low resistance.

Place the door controls out of reach of kids

Placing the door controls high prevents kids from reaching the switch and playing with the door. When kids are closing and opening the door for fun, they are likely to cause damage to the motors, which run the door. As a result, the door may jam and come down on them since there is no motor to control the reversing.

Regularly inspect the electrical wiring to the door

The electrical cables to the garage door switch should always be inspected because any exposure can lead to untold damage. The equipment kept in the garage may accidentally expose the wiring and a child may touch a live wire. To prevent this, it is recommended that you regularly check for any exposed cables, especially near the switch.

In the event of a storm, keep the garage door locked at all times

If you live in an area that gets hit by storms regularly, the best thing to do after a storm is keep the garage completely out of bounds for kids. This is because storms cause a lot of damage and the door may have taken a beating, making it unstable and therefore unsafe for children. The garage should only be used after it has been inspected and everything found to be in good working condition.

Additionally, if your children store their playthings in the garage, make sure that they understand that the garage door is not to be played with. In some families, kids are only allowed to access the garage through a door from inside the house and never by the main garage door. These and other small precautions can be the difference between a healthy kid and a funeral home.


How To Find a Good Company for Your Garage Door Needs

Garage door installation in Granite Bay CA 95746

Garage door installation in Granite Bay CA 95746

Finding a good garage door company is essential not only to the aesthetics of the garage, and the house by extension, but more importantly the functionality and longevity too. Many people erroneously think that all it takes is a quick internet search and a few calls or emails to find out the costs to get a good company. People who do this are likely to have their installation done haphazardly and over time end up spending a lot of money on repairs. Now, how does one go about looking for a good garage door company?

Ask around

When you visit friends and family and see that they have sturdy and very handsome garage doors, do not shy away from asking who does their installation and maintenance. Ultimately, the mark of good workmanship is manifested in satisfied customers. At perfectsolutionsgaragedoor, for example, we receive get many clients from referrals by our past and current customers. Asking around also helps you to avoid the not-so-good companies.

Consult a real estate professional

People in real estate, especially developers, have a list of the top professionals they work with. A real estate person is therefore in a position to recommend a top garage door company. The company who sold you your house should easily be able to find you a good garage door company for repairs.

The Home Depot store

People at your local home depot store know the technical people who buy regularly from them. They know who buys the proper high end equipment and supplies and who buys the regular things. If you approach them with a question, they will give you an honest opinion of the garage door repair people in your area without much ado since they have no direct interest in your garage door.

The construction company

Construction contractors keep a list of firms who they consult when building houses. They know who to go when they need specific types of garage doors. The benefit that consulting a construction company has over the others is that people who work in construction understand the different styles of garage doors and how they relate to décor styles and climatic conditions. A person in construction is for example better equipped to tell the difference between a regular repair company and a company specialized in say fiberglass garage door installation and repair.

The yellow pages

In this age of internet searches, the yellow pages have been relegated to the periphery. The simply got forgotten. What most people fail to realize is that companies that have listed with the yellow pages are likely to have been in business for a very long time. As a result, they have built up years upon years of experience and are therefore very adept at what they do. While this is not always the case, a garage door company that is listed in the yellow pages is likely to offer you exemplary service.

After making the above recommended consultations, the final decision rests with you because you will have to factor in things like personal preference and budgetary constraints.

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Things That Guide the Choice of Garage Door Material

Wood garage door

Wood garage door

Garage doors were traditionally made from wood since it was widely available and easy to work with. But that is not the case today,with people having discovered other material with from which these doors can be made. While it may look like choosing a garage door is primarily dependent on the aesthetics and price, other important factors like location, the driveway, personal taste and insulation for noise among others should be considered. With these factors in mind, you not only get to buy a good door but also get real functionality for a long time.


People who live in coastal areas should avoid buying wooden and steel doors since they will get corroded by the salty humid air. While many technicians will advise painting steel and wooden doors to keep the harsh weather out, it’s important to note that the cost of repeated painting can be higher than the cost of getting a door made from alternative material like fiberglass which is resistant to sea water corrosion. That is precisely why technicians from will insist that you get a door that fits the weather and climate of your location.


If you need your garage door to be able to keep the outside noise out, you will want to get a wooden or wood composite door. This is particularly important for the men whose garage doubles up as their ‘man cave’. Steel and aluminum doors are poor at keeping sounds out.

The driveway

People with young kids are likely to use their driveway for games, for example like a basketball half-court. If you have kids playing in the driveway, you will want to have a door made out of sturdy material like wood. Doors made from steel tend to dent when they get hit by bats and balls as the kids play. Over time, the door becomes too dented you need to call a repairman to straighten it out. One can only straighten dents for so long before they have to replace the door.

Personal taste

At the end of the day, it is your garage door that we are considering here. It’s only right that you pick a door made out of materials that appeal to you. People who like the traditional masculine style will tend to prefer wooden doors over other materials. On the other hand, people with a more modern taste will go for high-grade fiberglass for their doors. When choosing the material, it is a good idea to call your construction supervisor to know how the material will affect the overall structural integrity of the garage. Some materials like heavy wood might compromise the integrity of the structure.

The above tips should hopefully guide you when you are choosing material for your garage door. Remember, at are always ready to help you with any questions that you might have about the choice of garage door materials. When faced by uncertainty, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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