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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Five Essential Tips for Better Garage Door Security

shutterstock_1589767Unwanted intruders will often choose a garage door as an entry point for mischief and mayhem because it is more discreet than the front door and more accessible than a back door. Garage doors also make it easier to sneak inside the house unnoticed, especially since most people fail to lock the door connecting the garage to the house.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door wants to help our customers stay safe and secure, which is why we are positing these five essential tips for better garage door security.

1.     Lock the Inside Door

It may take away from the convenience factor for your family, since they will need to unlock the door to get inside and out, but it will also make the entryway less convenient for an intruder. You can hang up a key to that particular door on the inside of the house, so your family can bring it with them if they plan on traveling in and out of the house through the garage door. For greater security, you should have an alarm on both the garage door and the interior door to your home.

2.     Shut the Garage Door

Hopefully you already keep the garage door shut when you are not home or sleeping, but you should also keep it shut when you are doing work around the house, even if you are outside. An open garage is an advertisement to thieves of what you have inside that they might want to take. They could drive by during the day and see your fancy car, expensive toys, and high-tech equipment and then decide that it is worth a return visit when you’re not home to protect your belongings.

3.     Keep it Well-lit

Perfect Solutions Garage Door encourages all of our customers to purchase spotlighting and an interior lighting system. Intruders prefer to work in the dark, and security lighting will make it difficult for them to do their dirty work.

4.     Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

Today’s modern garage door openers have incredible new security features that thieves haven’t figured out how to crack, like rolling code entry systems. It may be worth it to get an upgrade if your system is more than five years old.

5.     Don’t Leave the Remote in Your Car

Most modern garage door openers will come with a remote control access feature that can be hooked onto your keychain. This is much safer than the older version that hung from your car’s visor. You should protect your garage door remote the same way you protect your house key.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door can help with the installation of a new garage door opener or any other garage door security features that will help make you and your family feel more protected.