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Garage Door Cable Thickness and Sizing

Garage door cables come in many sizes, so using the right size is important and has a purpose!

Every garage door is a different size and weight. So the cable needs to work well with the specifications of the each individual door.

We work on many garage door repair jobs where the issue is caused by the garage door cable snapping or breaking.

The role of the cable in the garage door is to reduce the tension of the garage door’s extension and torsion springs. The right sized cable helps to keep your springs working well and can extend the life of your springs.

Cables also work to open and close your garage door smoothly.

Most of our repair calls are for broken or snapped springs. If a garage door spring does break. the cable can help support the door enough so it doesn’t come crashing down when the spring breaks.

There are 3 kinds of cables:

  • Torsion spring cables.
  • Safety cables.
  • Extension spring cables.

Cable Thickness

Remember, finding the right cable thickness depends on the door and it’s weight. Thicker isn’t always better or stronger. It depends on the door itself.

Thinner cables can wear more quickly than thicker cables, or snap more quickly. But you always need to match the cable size with each individual garage door.

As you might imagine, thicker cables are paired with heavier garage doors, as they can support more weight and tension.

You’ll notice in the picture at the top of this post, where cables are most likely to snap. The new cable, on the left, is a little thicker than the frayed one on the right. That’s because this door required a little bit thicker of a cable in the first place.

Always consult with a professional garage door tech to make sure the right cable size is installed in your garage. It’s possible that a cable can be too thick for a garage door, which will cause the door to open less smoothly and easily, as it won’t be able to comfortably glide over your pulley and drums.

Note: When you are choosing the size of a garage door cable, the gauge of your cable is the thickness. So a higher gauge is a thicker cable.

Clopay Gallery Series Garage Door Installation

Roger and Claire had an idea to paint the exterior of their home. The current condition of their garage doors was the big indicator that it had been a while since the paint had been updated.

They initially wanted to just paint their home, and their garage doors to match.

Our first visit out to inspect the home, we noticed the garage doors were actually very old and not in great shape. The overlay was falling apart due to the direct sunlight exposure.

The garage doors were also not balanced due to the old torsion springs and all the hardware (rollers, cables and hinges) didn’t work well enough to carry the weight of the garage doors.

We sat down with Roger and Claire to calculate the cost to repair their existing garage doors and paint them vs just replacing the garage doors themselves. The costs were close enough that they decided to just go with new garage doors to enjoy the benefits of an updated model

Clopay Garage Doors Installation Project

Once Roger and Claire decided on new doors, they had to think now about what style and color they wanted since their plans had changed.

Their wish list included low maintenance garage doors, durable doors, and beautiful.

We wanted to narrow down our choice with doors that would match the style of the home.

We landed on the Clopay Gallery Series in a dark oak finish.

One of the reasons we love working with Clopay is the lifetime warranty they give on their paint system. Perfect for the hot Houston summers! The house gets a lot of direct sunlight so we liked the Clopay doors that wouldn’t require a repaint every few years.

Here are the doors after installation. They are beautiful and most of all, Roger and Claire are very happy!


Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

We repair and replace garage door springs every week here at Perfect Solutions.

It is one of the most common repairs, and it’s also a pretty easy one to do!

We of course find ourselves dealing with old springs or springs that have just worn out and break, requiring a replacement. However we also see a lot of spring installations gone wrong, which end up causing problems and more expensive for the homeowner.

If you install the incorrect size of garage door springs, they will wear down faster and break before their lifespan is up. They can also cause issues with your garage door opener, causing it to work harder and break down faster.

Garage door springs come in different sizes and factors in size selection include weight and size of the door. The springs work to support the weight of your garage door as the opener operates the door, opening and closing it.

If the springs aren’t strong enough to support the weight of your door, your opener will wear.

Generally, the biggest issue we see besides sizing is installing one garage door spring on a door that should have 2. There are very few cases we recommend having only one spring installed on a 2 car garage door.

We always recommend upgrading to a dual spring system. While it is a slightly higher upfront cost, it will last much longer than 1 spring so in the end it’s the more affordable and longer lasting solution.

Double springs also help balance your garage door better.

We also will install a brace along with the dual springs, which reinforces the garage door and helps to prevent cracks. You can see some examples of the braces installed in the pictures above.

We always recommend having your garage door maintained by a professional once a year, at least. The company should check your springs both for health, wear and tear and general functionality, including whether the springs are the right size for your garage door.

If your garage door spring snaps, it can cause the garage door to fall quickly and suddenly in the middle of opening or closing. This is a safety hazard, both for pets, children and yourself, as well as for your car or other valuables. Please make sure to check your springs and ensure they are properly fitted and installed!

Top Reasons to Insulate Your Garage Door

There are no bad reasons to insulate your garage door.

  1. Insulation offers temperature control, for both your garage and your home if the garage is attached.
  2. Steel backed insulation can make your garage door stronger and hold up better to wear and tear.
  3. Insulation is a great sound barrier. This is great if you live on a busy street, or if you use your garage for working, working out, or any other purpose.

There are some challenges to insulating your garage door to be aware of.

garage door insulation

It’s a great DIY project for a handy person on the weekend. However, you have to keep in mind a few things…

It adds weight. 

Adding insulation to your garage door adds weight. This means that your garage door system is affected.

When you add insulation, you have to check and adjust your tension on your torsion springs to help support the extra weight.

If the door is too heavy for the settings on your springs and the force setting on your garage door opener, they will work overtime and eventually break.

If you understand how your garage door system works, then installing insulation and making the necessary adjustments is easy.

If you aren’t so sure how to adjust the settings on your garage door system, then after installing the insulation, call a professional garage door company to make any needed adjustments so your garage door can operate safely.

Most garage door companies are also able to install the insulation for you. They are a great resource for what insulation is best for your door and your needs and can buy the proper amount to cover your door.

If you’re in the Houston area, give Perfect Solutions a call and we can get your garage and garage door insulated properly to help keep you cool in the hot summer and save on your energy bills!


Custom Carriage House Doors

A customer of ours called us wanting to install custom carriage house garage doors for their home.

They were in the process of a complete home renovation and that included updates to their home’s exterior and their garage doors.

They love the carriage house style look, so that is what we zeroed in on when looking for the right doors to match their remodel.

Their existing doors weren’t so bad, just a bit weathered and needing a paint job. Instead of just adding some carriage house hardware to give the look of the carriage style, we decided to go with brand new doors.

Below you can see their old doors.

Carriage House Garage Door Installation BEFORE

The new doors they ended up choosing are wood and steel backed, for durability and insulation.

Carriage house style doors always look great, but they are great quality as well and will las for years!

In the picture below, we had installed only one of the two doors. It’s a great side by side to see how weathered the existing doors were.

Carriage House Garage Door Installation before and after

Despite the weathered look of the old doors, you can see how the deep rich wood tone in the new door really compliments the existing paint color of the home’s exterior. The contrast is perfect!

Custom Carriage House Hardware

The great thing about the carriage house style is there are many sub styles to go with when choosing hardware. You can get a specific look you want, and a unique one based on your choices.

For this project, our customer chose some iron handles and rivets to accent their beautiful new garage doors.

There are many great names for the hardware styles available to customize carriage house doors, including Tuscan, Barcelona, Park City, Virginia, Carolina, Santiago, and Cambridge. You can see the styles here.

Below is a great shot of both doors installed. Such a difference to the home’s curb appeal and best of all, our customers are happy!





How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Technician

If you live in the greater Houston area, you have your pick of several great garage door repair technicians to handle your garage door repair needs.

So how do you pick “the best one” or avoid working with a technician that will over charge and under perform?

Below are 3 things you should look for in a garage door technician or garage door repair company.

#1: The Right Training and Experience

Ensure whatever technician or company you choose has the right training. Feel free to ask for their license, if they are bonded, what experience they have, for customer reviews, and more. This is advice for every service provider you hire!

Remember, garage doors have many complicated mechanisms working together. You need to ensure you hire someone with experience to handle and diagnose your garage door problems.

#2: Good Reviews

Do your research on 3rd party independent reviews on any technician or company you pick!

Yelp, Facebook, and Google are great places to start. Also just googling the name of the company can show any good or bad info on the company. These sites don’t allow removal of bad reviews, and have filtering mechanisms in place to disallow fake reviews. So you know you are reading the facts when you see the varied experiences of each company.

You’ll easily get an idea of the good or bad work a company does, and see a theme through the reviews. This can help you make an informed decision!

#3: Compare Rates

The best garage door technician is not always the cheapest, but not necessarily the most expensive either.

It’s always a good idea to get at least 2-3 quotes for a job. This will help you see the average cost, and also note a company that might be overcharging. You can combine this information along with you research of the company and their reviews to make the best choice.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Damage to bottom panels.

The one great thing about a damaged garage door is often times repair is simply a matter of replacing a panel, instead of the whole thing.

Even if there is no damage, panels can become worn or show signs of rust. A great, affordable way to remedy this issue is to replace the affected panel.

A professional garage door company can help you determine if your panel or panels need replacing, and what repair options are available and how much they will cost.

If your garage door has been manufactured relatively recently, it’s often very simple to order the matching panel from the manufacturer.

Another great way to upgrade or update your garage door is replacing the top panel. You can swap out a boring panel for a panel with decorative windows, for example.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Panel

garage door panel replacement

Panels replaced, good as new!

If one or two panels are in need of replacement, and replacements are available, then go ahead!

Some choose to replace all panels or just get a new door. Panel replacement will depend on insulation requirements as well as other things.

The reason you need the right match in panels is for functionality. You need panels that will fit exactly to your existing panels and garage door rail so the door will open and close properly.

Your existing garage door system will dictate which type of panels are correct, and this depends on size, lift type and other mechanisms in use. A professional is your best resource to ensure you select the correct panel.

Remember, while replacing a panel or panels is often more affordable than getting a brand new door, there are many factors at play and speaking to a professional about the safest and most affordable option is always best.

If you’re in Houston, feel free to call us! We can help with your panel repair and replacement needs!

Garage Door Care: 3 Ways to Take Care of Your Garage Doors

Since garage doors are essentially outside with the elements every day of the year, all day long, they need a lot of care. Many people forget this.

Remember, your garage door not only protects the things inside your garage, but if you have an attached garage door it also helps to keep your home safe and secure.

Garage doors are also expensive, so it makes sense to invest some time and energy in maintaining them.

Garage doors can also help regulate the temperature in your home, and can help you to save on electricity and other utility bills.

Caring for your garage door is essential and below are 3 ways on how to do that!

Garage Door Care: Lubrication

If you let garage door issues get worse over time without fixing it, it can cost you more in the long run.

Lubrication is one way to help maintain your garage doors regularly.

We recommend a silicone based lubricant to grease the wires and cylinders. This will help your door open and close smoothly.

Lubricate once every 6 months for optimal performance.

Garage Door Care: Regular Professional Maintenance and Checks

There are many garage door maintenance tasks you can do on your own, but nothing keeps issues at bay like a regular check-up with a garage door professional.

Once or twice a year it’s a great idea to have a maintenance check of your door. This can help spot issues before they become a problem, and make minor repairs so your garage door is functioning optimally.

For commercial doors, we recommend quarterly maintenance checks.



Garage Door Care: Visual Checks

It’s always a good idea every month or two to visually inspect your garage door.

Do you see any paint peeling? If so, especially on an older door, schedule a painter ASAP. Once paint chips away, the material underneath is exposed and can rust and wear much more quickly.

Painting your door is much less expensive than a new door! Rust weakens the door and can cause injury or accident if weakened too much.

We recommend a paint that guarantees to be UV protecting and water resistant for extra duraiblity.


Take the painting job a step further by choosing one that is can guarantee UV protection and water resistance. This makes the paint work last longer and be more cost efficient in the process.

Garage Door Maintenance is a Must!

3 ways to care for your garage door include watching for signs of wear and tear, lubrication and getting regular professional checks!

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Garage Door Tracks Installation and Repairs

Garage door tracks and rollers help your garage door move smoothly and quickly. They perform best when they are secured in place properly. The rollers are guided by the tracks, so they are an interconnected unit.

Over time, it is common for tracks to become bent of shape and they can develop rust. This is when you need a garage door company to come out to take a look and perform a repair. Professional garage door companies can help install, re-install and maintain your garage door tracks.

Garage Door Track Types 

The most common track type is standard lift tracks, that have a vertical track component and curved area. This is most common in residential applications.

Vertical lift systems are usually installed in standard and vertical lifts, which may be applied to both residential and commercial garage doors.

High lift track systems, which are a combination of the two track types above, are also common for both residential and commercial garage door applications.

Track Maintenance 

Tracks must be repaired or replaced at some point in order for the garage door to run smoothly all the time.

Broken cables can cause the garage door to bend, which can often times bend the tracks too. This requires repair.

If the tracks aren’t consistently lubricated, especially the rollers, the tracks can also eventually bend.

With vertical tracks, lock strikers can scrape the tracks as well, which will eventually result in the track splitting.

Other track issues are caused by rust, metal fatigue, and the shifting foundation of the house, which will necessitate a track reinstallation and realignment.

Hiring the right garage door company for track repair

A good garage door repair company will give repair solutions for your garage door tracks, including basic installation of new track as well as realignment services.

Bent tracks can often be restored back to their proper shape, so the rollers will function again.

If the home’s structure has experienced a shift, however, which leads to track misalignment, we recommend reinstalling new tracks to ensure proper movement.

If you are in the Houson area, give Perfect Solutions a call! 281-557-6351

Garage Door Sounds | How to Fix Them

new garage door installation houston

What do the weird sounds your garage door makes mean? Are the sounds you hear normal, or cause for concern?

This post details 4 garage door sounds you most likely hear and what they mean.


Generally a sound you haven’t heard before means there is something wrong or not working properly.

Garage Door Sound: Motor Noise

If the motor on your garage door opener gets noisier and noisier, it usually means it’s working harder than it should. If this is the case, it will wear down quickly and you could be looking at a costly repair.

The sound of an overworked motor is kind of like a person groaning while they lift a heavy object. If your motor sounds like it’s struggling to lift something heavy…that’s because it is.

Sometimes the fix is as easy as tightening some bolts but othertimes you need a whole new system.

Garage Door Sound: Screeching

If you hear a high pitched screeching noise from your garage, it’s probably out of alignment. If you don’t adjust it, it can get even worse, so getting a tech out to service the door is a good idea.

Garage Door Sound: Train Chugging Along

If you hear a sound that is similar to a train chugging along, you need to have a professional check the rollers on your garage door track. The rollers might be worn out and need to be replaced.

We recommend you don’t attempt to replace the rollers yourself, since you can cause more damage to the door if you don’t know what you are doing.

Garage Door Sound: Loud Snapping Noise

If you hear a snapping noise from your garage, and it won’t open anymore, the torsion spring or springs snapped and are broken.

The springs on your garage do the heavy lifting when your garage door opens and closes. It essentially is what makes the door slide smoothly and slowly along the tracks instead of just opening and closing with excess force.

The reason you spring snapped can vary. It doesn’t really matter once it has happened. Just call a professional as it’s a very dangerous job to do if you don’t know what you are doing.


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