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Center Mount Garage Door Opener Installation

Our customers needed to fix some lingering garage door issues they discovered shortly after purchasing their new home.

As they cleaned up the garage, they noticed that their garage door wasn’t straight. Not only that, it also seemed to be tilting away from their house.

They understood they needed to call the professionals in to see what was going on and figure out how to fix it. Luckily they called us to
 figure out what was going on.

We were able to get out to their home the same day, and discovered that their upper panel had some damage and was in need of replacement.

You can see the damage and tilt in the image below.

After thinking about how the upper panel may have been damaged in the first place, we finally understood that the garage door opener was the culprit.

The previous homeowners had installed the garage door opener themselves. This meant that it was done improperly. There is a reason professional garage door installers exist!

The poor installation resulted in the damage to the upper panel of the garage door.

What was the issue with the garage door opener installation?

The problem with the installation was that the garage door opener was mounted to the garage itself with a piece of wood. This is NOT the correct way to mount a garage door opener.

Always use the correct mounting materials and the right mount meant for your garage door setup.

Because the previous homeowners mounted the opener to the wood, it damaged the panel, which is illustrated below.

So, how do you fix it?

Thankfully for our customers, it was a quick fix! We installed a center mount and installed it, pictures below.

We also were able to find a replacement panel for their garage door. This meant the homeowners didn’t have to invest in a brand new door (more expensive) and could just replace a section of the damaged garage door with a new panel.

Once the panel was order, we installed a few days later when the part arrived.

Once the new panel was installed, we re-balanced the garage door. Additionally we checked that the garage door opener, garage door springs, garage censors and all other hardware was set and installed properly.

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