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Clopay Gallery Series Garage Door Installation

Roger and Claire had an idea to paint the exterior of their home. The current condition of their garage doors was the big indicator that it had been a while since the paint had been updated.

They initially wanted to just paint their home, and their garage doors to match.

Our first visit out to inspect the home, we noticed the garage doors were actually very old and not in great shape. The overlay was falling apart due to the direct sunlight exposure.

The garage doors were also not balanced due to the old torsion springs and all the hardware (rollers, cables and hinges) didn’t work well enough to carry the weight of the garage doors.

We sat down with Roger and Claire to calculate the cost to repair their existing garage doors and paint them vs just replacing the garage doors themselves. The costs were close enough that they decided to just go with new garage doors to enjoy the benefits of an updated model

Clopay Garage Doors Installation Project

Once Roger and Claire decided on new doors, they had to think now about what style and color they wanted since their plans had changed.

Their wish list included low maintenance garage doors, durable doors, and beautiful.

We wanted to narrow down our choice with doors that would match the style of the home.

We landed on the Clopay Gallery Series in a dark oak finish.

One of the reasons we love working with Clopay is the lifetime warranty they give on their paint system. Perfect for the hot Houston summers! The house gets a lot of direct sunlight so we liked the Clopay doors that wouldn’t require a repaint every few years.

Here are the doors after installation. They are beautiful and most of all, Roger and Claire are very happy!

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