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Garage Door Repair FAQ

The following are basic frequently asked questions with regards to garage door repair and our services.

Q: When is the best time to replace my garage door with a new one?

The answer is subjective to the quality of your door and your budget. Call us today and we can set up a free, no-obligation consultation and inspection. We will give you options and you can decide what makes the most sense.

If you are looking to update your curb appeal, painting or replacing your garage door are both great options. If you have cracks in your garage door, replacing the panel with the cracks is a great, budget-friendly fix. If more than 1 panel has cracks in it, replacing it might be your only option. Same goes for if you have a damaged panel from some sort of impact. Depending on your garage door, a panel replacement is quick and cost-effective. In other cases, a replacement panel can’t be acquired a new door is necessary. Your garage door tech will map out your options.

Q: Do I really require a lock on my garage door?

Not always. If you have an electric garage door opener, the opener itself acts as a lock, so long as it’s mounted properly. The opener makes opening and closing your garage door easy, but it also makes it difficult for an intruder to lift it open easily.

It is also a safety hazard at times to have a lock on your garage door if you have an electric opener. If someone tries to open the door when the lock is still engaged, it can cause damage to your garage door.

If you don’t have an electric opener, a lock is a great and inexpensive investment to keep the contents inside your garage door safe!

Q: It looks like my garage door is off its tracks. What should I do?

There are so many reasons your door is off its tracks. The best course of action is to call us FIRST and not attempt to troubleshoot the problem or fix it yourself. You can cause more problems and potentially hurt yourself, your door, or someone else.

Q: My garage door makes lot of noise, is there a way I can fix it?

Usually your door just needs some lubrication, which we can do easily on a quick visit. You can also go buy your own garage door lubrication. Avoid WD40, and instead check out a silicone based spray to really get the job done. Focus on spraying the lubricant on the belt, rail, chain and screw drive.

Q: What if my garage door have cracks in it, what should I do?

Cracks are bad news! They can cause your door to not work properly and will ultimately get worse. You can either replace the panel you see the cracks, or replace the entire door depending on the condition of your door and availability of replacement panels.

Q: I heard a loud boom from my garage and now my door won’t open.

Usually this sound + accompanying problem is a broken spring. If you can, locate your springs and see whether there are gaps between the spring or springs. If so, it’s broken. If not, it might be another problem. In either case, call us ASAP. If you have a broken spring, repairing it yourself can be dangerous.

The springs help to carry the weight of your door. When they are broken, your door can fall quickly since it isn’t supported. Call a professional to inspect and repair your springs!

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