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Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

We repair and replace garage door springs every week here at Perfect Solutions.

It is one of the most common repairs, and it’s also a pretty easy one to do!

We of course find ourselves dealing with old springs or springs that have just worn out and break, requiring a replacement. However we also see a lot of spring installations gone wrong, which end up causing problems and more expensive for the homeowner.

If you install the incorrect size of garage door springs, they will wear down faster and break before their lifespan is up. They can also cause issues with your garage door opener, causing it to work harder and break down faster.

Garage door springs come in different sizes and factors in size selection include weight and size of the door. The springs work to support the weight of your garage door as the opener operates the door, opening and closing it.

If the springs aren’t strong enough to support the weight of your door, your opener will wear.

Generally, the biggest issue we see besides sizing is installing one garage door spring on a door that should have 2. There are very few cases we recommend having only one spring installed on a 2 car garage door.

We always recommend upgrading to a dual spring system. While it is a slightly higher upfront cost, it will last much longer than 1 spring so in the end it’s the more affordable and longer lasting solution.

Double springs also help balance your garage door better.

We also will install a brace along with the dual springs, which reinforces the garage door and helps to prevent cracks. You can see some examples of the braces installed in the pictures above.

We always recommend having your garage door maintained by a professional once a year, at least. The company should check your springs both for health, wear and tear and general functionality, including whether the springs are the right size for your garage door.

If your garage door spring snaps, it can cause the garage door to fall quickly and suddenly in the middle of opening or closing. This is a safety hazard, both for pets, children and yourself, as well as for your car or other valuables. Please make sure to check your springs and ensure they are properly fitted and installed!

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