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All the Right Reasons to Get a Side Hinged Garage Door

garage_door_safetyTechnology is making great advancements and new designs appear every day, so why is it that the side hinged garage doors are still so popular? These doors all use the same mechanism: two side hinged panels in a frame. Besides the simplicity of the mechanism, what makes them so appealing to people?

The advantages of the side hinged garage doors

All people know the side hinged doors and they know that they are easily operated. There is only one lock or handle to open and there is no need for lifting. If you’re using the garage door not only to enter with your car, this might be the best solution. This is because the mechanism allows you to open the door only halfway so that you can enter by foot and then you can close it again. The majority of the designs have a 1/3 or 2/3 split and there might be a pedestrian door as well. In this case the large leaf is only opened when the garage door is fully lifted.

The available materials

The majority of people imagine timber when it comes to the materials. Nonetheless, there are some more practical solutions as well, such as steel and GRP. The mechanism is the same, but the design takes advantage of the more modern materials for flawless operation.

The pros and cons of timber side hinged doors

One of the major disadvantages of timber is that in some cases the garage doors are made of low quality, unsorted redwood that could warp and rot.  However, this isn’t the only option that homeowners have. One of the best solutions is to get a garage door made of cedar wood which is lightweight and it has a high resistance against the elements. In case you use the right treatment, you can give the door any color you’d like so that it will match the style of your home.

Steel is also an option

Although it might not be the most popular material when it comes to doors, there are some high quality single skin steel garage doors made of galvanized steel. These come with all the parts included so the door is easy to install.

The option of having a GRP door

GRP is also known as fiberglass and the advantage of these garage doors is that they come in numerous styles, designs and colors and they come with all the parts included so they can be installed fast and easy on site. These represent good value for money and the best thing about them is that they need only little maintenance.

Insulated side hinge doors

One of the biggest hits of the moment is the insulated side hinge garage door. These offer heat and sound insulation. Aside from this, they are also known for the high level of security that they offer.

Some might think that the side hinge garage doors aren’t modern enough, but when it comes to functionality, they always represent a safe bet for all homeowners.

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