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4 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Closing Properly

It is very frustrating when your garage door isn’t working as it should. Imagine waking up one morning, or coming home from work, and your garage door won’t open or close.

This kind of garage door problem is a headache. Late for work, garage door companies are closed at night, etc. Such a hassle.

Some people might try to fix it themselves before calling a professional. This can be dangerous, or at the very least, can make the problem worse. Unless you know what you’re doing, you probably won’t be able to fix it.

Calling a professional garage door company is the best course of action if your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

There are a few reasons why your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly. Below are a few possible causes:

1. Photo-Eye Obstructed

Most garage doors have a photo eye that detects an object underneath your garage door that prevents it from closing all the way. The photo-eye is a safety feature that prevents a child or valuable object from being crushed by the heavy garage door. It works by shooting a laser light from one end of the garage to the other. If something gets in the way of the laser, it will automatically open back up if it’s closing.

The photo-eye is located about 4 inches above the ground. It needs to be aligned with the other photo-eye on the opposite side of the door. Sometimes readjusting this is all it takes to get your garage door working properly. If the photo eye is actually broken, you’ll need a tech to fix it for you.

2. Your opener is unplugged.

This has actually happened to a customer of ours, who called us out because her garage door wasn’t working and all we had to do was plug it in! She felt a little silly but it happens to the best of us.

If your garage door won’t open or close, before you call a tech check that the door is connected to its power source. A good indication that your power is disconnected is if you don’t hear a sound when you attempt to open the door.

If you discover the power isn’t connected, just plug it in! Should work like new!

3. Malfunctioning Remote Control

If your power is connected, next look at your remote. You can try replacing the battery on the remote to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, time to call a tech!

4. Broken Springs

Your torsion springs could be to blame for your door not opening or closing properly. Springs work to make your garage door easier to lift open and shut. If the springs weren’t there, the door would be too heavy to open with the garage door opener.

If the spring breaks, the garage door won’t open.

If you see a broken spring or suspect this is the case, don’t try and fix it! This can be dangerous. If the spring is not fully broken, it can snap at any point and fall down on you or anything in the way. Be safe and call a tech.

If you try any of the above “fixes” and they don’t work, or you discover that a spring is broken or your photo-eye is out of alignment, the best bet is to call a professional, licensed tech who can properly assess and fix your door.

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Garage Door Opens/Closes Randomly

One issue that home owners sometimes deal is the garage door randomly opens for no reason at all. This is not a common problem; however, it is not entirely impossible either. While this can be rather frustrating, it can also be dangerous for a number of reasons.

The garage door is a shield or first defense for families and their valuables. It could be disastrous, if your garage door decides to open for no apparent reason. Criminals will have easy access to your property. Worse than that, if it opens while family is resting in bed, criminals will have access to your family.

Inferior Technology

There are a number of reasons why your garage door suddenly opens on its own. Older garage door openers can be activated by the neighbor’s automatic opener. Today garage door openers are equipped with a feature referred to as a rolling code.

Each time you raise or lower your garage door the remote generates a new code to prevent thieves from entering your home. Those which are 20 years old or older were not designed with a large assortment of codes. It is therefore more likely that the neighbor’s remote is the culprit of your garage door’s strange behavior.

There are a number of possible causes and knowing which the culprit is may help identify an appropriate solution. For example, in 1993 garage door opener companies redesigned their products with safety features. One of these is a sensor mechanism and it was added to prevent accidental garage door injury. The sensor eye may need to be cleaned or the beam may be misaligned.

Interestingly enough, older garage door openers from Stanley were engineered with flawed circuit boards. This defect common caused doors to spontaneously open. It is best to contact your local garage door expert to have a modern opener installed.

Other Culprits

  • Power surges from wiring defects may cause this odd behavior as well.
  • Lightning storms are another cause of power surges and odd garage door behavior.
  • Another cause can be items that the opener is stored with, especially plain old traditional junk.
  • In some cases, the garage door opener can be triggered by the frequency that neighboring military equipment uses.

Note: In the event that there is an issue with the wiring, you should contact a professional to inspect the system to resolve it. This includes the garage door system as well as the power source it is plugged into.

Frequency Issue

It is uncommon for anything to accidently activate your garage door opener. This does not mean that it is entirely impossible. There are numerous common devices which can trigger it due to the frequency those devices employ. Below is a list of several; however, it is not all of the possibilities. It does lend insight into the type of devices which do utilize frequencies and therefore may trigger the opener.

  • Neighboring airports
  • Wireless Wi/Fi Networks
  • Radio, TV, and/or Cell Towers
  • Wireless Doorbells
  • Plug-in Transformers like Security Systems
  • Cordless Phones
  • Ham Radio

It may not be possible to figure out exactly why your garage door operates itself.  In most cases, home owners opt to replace the garage door auto-opener system completely, especially if, the system is outdated. Call us at Perfect Solutions Garage Door Repair to schedule your opener installation project today.

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Top Five Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance Work

shutterstock_85743676The garage door is one of the most expensive parts of a house and yet, it’s also one of the most neglected. A homeowner usually deals with their garage doors when it’s already too late and the repair already involves several hundreds of dollars—if the door can be salvaged at all. Imagine amounts of money going as much as almost two thousand dollars down the drain because of negligence!

This is the reason why it is important to know the telltale signs of a garage door that already needs some much needed repair work before the garage door gives way and needs to be replaced.

Here are some signs to be vigilant about when it comes to caring for one’s garage door:

Leaks during cold and wet seasons 

Does your garage turn into a swimming pool when the rains come around or a winter wonderland once the snow season arrive? This simply means that there are leaks inside due to a garage door that is not properly aligned.

Because of this, there are gaps between the door and its hinges which lead to water and snow coming in. This should be resolved immediately as it will become the cause of bigger problems later on, not to mention the damage that it will affect the quality of your stuff inside the garage.

Higher electricity bills 

One of the biggest signs of a faulty garage door is your electricity bill. Due to the gaps, heat or cold may seep out, leading the need for higher or lower temperatures on your thermostat or your air conditioner.

Noise when opening or closing the garage door

Great working garage doors are not noisy at all. The reason for this may be with the springs or the opener. One of the causes of the noise may also be the presence of rust which is much harder to solve in the long run. Rust also happens when the paint starts to crack and some parts of the door are exposed inadvertently to the elements.

Slower or faster garage door operation

What used to be a fast closing garage door or what used to be stopped mid-closing is a garage door that is already encountering problems with alignment. It can also be because the tracks are already filthy and are in need of professional cleaning services.

Aside from that, the rollers may also be in need of proper and ample lubrication.

The remote control is no longer working

The garage door and its remote control are made to work perfectly with each other. However, when the garage door stops responding to the control intuitively, there is already something wrong with the workings of that door.

Presence of dents or other hits 

As a door that’s very much exposed to the elements and other human errors, it can experience a lot of accidents. In general, once it is hit or has a dent, it should be fixed immediately as it affects the mechanical integrity of the material.

Smart homeowners know better than to ignore these signs before a need for a bigger investment is needed to purchase another garage door.


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